Let Your Heart Guid You. It Whispers, So Listen Carefully..

Let Your Heart Guide You. It Whispers, So Listen Carefully..

I think being me is one of th greatest bleassings from God. I don't have to try harder to get along with ppl around me, just be myself things would be easier tho. And I'll do my best with th time that i have in life. Never regrets th past, life's too short for me to be stuck in th past whr I can't change anything..

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Internship oH Internship!!

Week 6 of internship.. It was like 6years ok! Been through so many things. I had to deal with th kids all by myself w/out any help from th teachers! Can u just imagine it? I don't have any experience in teaching & am seriously needs guide from them, at least, to improve & polish my skills of teaching but they're so f****** selfish!

Supposedly, internships provide an opportunity to get ur feet wet in a career that u're interested in learning more about, but what happened to me is i had to do everything alone w/out any guideline given to me! See, poor me eh?!

All these silly thingy are seriously gets into my nerve system! Am so freaking can't wait to finish this internship. For God's Sake, pls get me th hell out of this place! I can't get along with them any longer!

I learned a lot from this internship. What ever happened i still loves th kids! I am trying my very best to help & teach them sincerely. Even though sometimes i do gets freak out by their attitude, but that's th beauty of a kid. Yeah, i LoVe them so much!

They're my sunshine :)

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