Let Your Heart Guid You. It Whispers, So Listen Carefully..

Let Your Heart Guide You. It Whispers, So Listen Carefully..

I think being me is one of th greatest bleassings from God. I don't have to try harder to get along with ppl around me, just be myself things would be easier tho. And I'll do my best with th time that i have in life. Never regrets th past, life's too short for me to be stuck in th past whr I can't change anything..

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Eid-MubaraK 09'

It's day four of raya already!!! Oh man, i ate alot!! lots of delicious's food la bha kan, how la kan?! makin chomel la kunu? lol! haha.. Who cares either! ngehh! what la kan if i got nothing to do tonight. just relax2-ing at home like itik jak, i guess.. haha.. u see, jadi kili2 a bit now becouse of the foods la i think.. haha.. what la kan if the whole day i just stayed at home such like a good girl ni, bida oo kan if thr's nothing to do? Online-ing jak pun bikin SOT the OtaK la bha kan.. duhh! can't wait to meet up the bestest girlfriends la bha ni kan.. ohh pls la kan come back here ASAP to the girls (JULIA LIMBAN and ZAHEERAH BEBE)!! we go for jalan2, oh man can't wait already.. thr're much of things to be done babes!! capat la bha balik!!!! argghhh.. lol! ok before i got crazy here better sign out la kan if not am so sure jadi gila betul2 ni!! haha.. ok enough! nite ya'll!!!