Let Your Heart Guid You. It Whispers, So Listen Carefully..

Let Your Heart Guide You. It Whispers, So Listen Carefully..

I think being me is one of th greatest bleassings from God. I don't have to try harder to get along with ppl around me, just be myself things would be easier tho. And I'll do my best with th time that i have in life. Never regrets th past, life's too short for me to be stuck in th past whr I can't change anything..

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Mizz Nina feat.Colby O'Donis - What you waiting for [ Official Music Vid...

MAIGAD! how on earth i dun even knew that Colby O'Donis feat. this song with Miss Nina?! i meant, i've heard this song b4 [like a number of times already] but never know its miss nina! im so proud of her!


Though i don't really like the way she moves her body, still i adore this woman to bits! she's so Hot + lucky cuz she made it with Flo Rida yo! Go Go Miss Nina!!!