Let Your Heart Guid You. It Whispers, So Listen Carefully..

Let Your Heart Guide You. It Whispers, So Listen Carefully..

I think being me is one of th greatest bleassings from God. I don't have to try harder to get along with ppl around me, just be myself things would be easier tho. And I'll do my best with th time that i have in life. Never regrets th past, life's too short for me to be stuck in th past whr I can't change anything..

Saturday, December 25, 2010

BanGi oH BanGi!!

Auww... It's been quite a long time uh! Sorry for not keeping up with updates. It's been a crazy year tho! Anyway i was in Bangi all these while doing my KPLI thr.. I got not enuf time to blogging since i was too busy with th classes, asgmnts & all those pathetic thingy! im just super darn exhausted..

And now im finally in kk. home sweet home! having my holiday! it felt so good to be home but somehow i wonder why is it when u're somewhr else u wish u were home, but when u're at home u wish u were some place else?? ohh shity i missed Bangi mucho! ok, frankly speaking i hate Bangi (actually i am NOT!), but tat dosen't meant i hate bangi 4 th whole rest of my life. i still had like a bundle of sweet memories thr, especially th moment i spent with my new frens! they're all very down to earth persons that i've ever met!

It was a pretty great journey with them. Perhaps, im happy! hope to c them again next time!!

so here goes..


BIG (off to Port Dickson)

A trip to genting highlands


Last day in KPM IPIS

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