Let Your Heart Guid You. It Whispers, So Listen Carefully..

Let Your Heart Guide You. It Whispers, So Listen Carefully..

I think being me is one of th greatest bleassings from God. I don't have to try harder to get along with ppl around me, just be myself things would be easier tho. And I'll do my best with th time that i have in life. Never regrets th past, life's too short for me to be stuck in th past whr I can't change anything..

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

After all, aM BacK!!

Whoaa.. It’s been really awhile since my last time bloggin’, uh? Well, I’ve been through the mad rush of internship and mini thesis for few weeks ago. ~Sigh~ what a tough job it’s been, but worth it at the end. *Wink* Tell ya’ll what, am a type of person who loves last minute work. Yeah, it’s really a bad habit, but guess what, am still a SUCKER for last minute work, ok! I’ve tried extraordinarily hard to get rid of that, but I just couldn’t make it. To be frank, I don’t enjoy doin’ things earlier, it’s like no fun at all. Weird, uh? Well, that’s me! Ok lets just 4get about it.

Finally, am havin’ a bloody good time now. No more mornin’ classes, No more assignments, No more exams, No more lectures, No more notes to read, and just No More!! *Big Smile* Lols! Btw, I was wonderin’, there are a ton of famous ppl like Jim Carrey, Quentin Tarantino, Joe Di Maggio, and Mark Twain never even went to high school or finished with their high school. That’s high school, 4get about college. But, they never even bothered, yet their life was stunnin’!! (I can smell jealousy in me right now. Lol!)

Somehow, it seems like if u’re destined for greatness, u’re goin’ to get there whether u have a high school dip or not. Which makes me think that it must work the same in the other direction too. Like, if u’re destined to be a loser, nothin’ u do is goin’ to change that. Not high school, not college, nothin’!! Ok, if I put myself in this situation, I guess the best thing for me to do is just accept my destiny and if that’s the same as just givin’ up, then my instinct’s right. I am a LOSER! But, what’s the point in tryin’ when u already know u’re goin’ to fail? That just seems bloody stupid…

Back to the reality, I shouldn’t let my emotions take over, if not I’ll be outplayed. So, the best thing is, I just have to go with whatever happens, happens.. And always remember that things happened for a reason.. *smiling*

Ok, am done for today. I’ll be back with my new story soon. Take care all!!


  1. yes..
    every single things have done..
    now, this is the time that we have to face... u know what is that friend ???... MENGANGGUR !!.. kahkahakhak....

    sabar ja lah...

  2. hihi..iya bha kan.. unblveable kan jiah..ppl can call us THE HOTTEST PENGANGGUR now..hihi.. but i guess we're NOT PENGANGGUR untill we've done with our convo kan? still student maa..plus, we just finished with our crazy yet fun internship kan? hihi..relax ko ging!! haha.. miss u muchh!!!

  3. Funny eh? This world i mean..

    Life is a journey. Imagine everyone is a traveler, or just imagine yourself then. If you stop at a point, sooner or later, you'll find some companions, or better yet, transports too. If you never stop, you could reach your preferred destination sooner. But sometimes, making many stops might present you with more opportunities to explore and ideally change your final destination.

    P/S: Back logs or last-minute works as you called them is a widespread illness. Spread it to the world if, by chance, you've found the elixir.

  4. officially agree with u babe! i like when u said that "making many stops might present you with more opportunities to explore and ideally change your final destination"... i've been in ths situation once. it's not actually how fast u reach ur goals but it's all about what u get and learned in all the way to reach up ur goals.. thanks for the feed bck ya..take care!